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Reliable Ground Transport Services for Cars from Auction or Dealership to Port

Whether you need to transport a single car or a whole fleet, our ground transport services are designed to meet your needs. We have a team of experienced drivers who will pick up your cars from the auction or dealership and transport them to the port on time and in the most efficient way possible. Our drivers are equipped with GPS tracking, and we provide real-time updates on the status of your shipment. With our reliable and efficient service, you can be assured that your cars will be delivered safely and on time.

Trust us for reliable and efficient ground transport services.

Cost-Effective Ro-Ro Shipping from USA to Africa

Our Ro-Ro shipping services are a reliable and cost-effective option for shipping cars to Africa. We operate from major ports in the USA. Our experienced crew and advanced technology, you can be sure that your cars will be transported safely and securely to their destination.

Choose us for reliable and cost-effective Ro-Ro shipping services.

Secure Container Shipping Services to Africa

Our container shipping services offer a more secure and protected way to transport your cars to Africa. We have a variety of container sizes to choose from, and our containers are specially designed to handle cars. We use air vents and tie-down points to keep your vehicles safe and secure during transit. With our reliable and efficient service, you can be assured that your cars will be delivered safely and on time.

Secure and reliable container shipping services to Africa.

Hassle-Free Payment Services for Cars Bought at Auction

We understand that paying for cars at auction can be a complex and time-consuming process, which is why we offer payment services to help you avoid late payment fees and storage charges. Our team can facilitate the payment process and ensure that the cars are released promptly, giving you peace of mind. We have a secure payment system in place, and we can handle all the paperwork and documentation required for the payment process.

Hassle-free payment services to help you save time and money.

Make a Wise Investment with Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Services

Our pre-purchase inspections are designed to help you make informed decisions when buying cars at auction. We have a team of experienced inspectors who will thoroughly inspect the car before you make a purchase. Our inspections cover all major systems and components, and we provide a detailed report of our findings. With our inspection services, you can be assured that you are making a wise investment in your car purchase.

Make a wise investment with our reliable pre-purchase inspection services.

Fast and Efficient Shipment Services for Car Parts

We provide efficient and reliable shipment services for car parts, whether you need to ship parts locally or internationally. We work with major carriers to ensure that your parts are shipped quickly and at competitive rates. We also offer tracking and delivery confirmation to keep you informed of your shipment’s status.

Reliable and efficient shipment services for all your car parts needs.

Eco-Friendly Junk Car Stripping and Dismantling Services

We offer environmentally friendly stripping and dismantling services for junk cars. Our services comply with all regulations, and we can remove all usable parts from the car for resale. We also properly dispose of any hazardous materials. Our services come with a certificate of destruction to ensure that the car is properly disposed of and will not be put back on the road.

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